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Umoyo Natural Health was established in 2007 and has grown into Zambia's leading supplier of natural health products, giving our clients access to a vast range of locally sourced and quality international products to support a healthy lifestyle. We are passionate about health and look forward to serving you!

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23 May 2017 Himlun. 100% Natural Ladies have you tried this product? Himlun is a herbal supplement that helps to prevent...
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21 May 2017 African Cranberry Juice Cranberry juice provides antioxidant benefits for your body because it's a rich source...
19 May 2017 Have you tried these yet...? Only K150!
19 May 2017 Maca Root Powder Your Favourite Superfood is BACK in stock!!!! Peruvian Maca is grown in soil extremely rich...
18 May 2017 Himalayan Salt What does it matter what salt I Use? Well, Ordinary Table Salt (Commercial refined salt) is not...
17 May 2017 Ginger has been used for centuries because of its therapeutic properties and for its richness in flavour. It...
12 May 2017 Umoyo ladies looking gorgeous in their chitenge head scarfs!
10 May 2017 Amazing new dairy products from Kasisi Organic Farm. No chemical additives like colorants, emulsifiers and...
09 May 2017 I posted a new photo to Facebook
25 Apr 2017 Madura Stick The most rapid-acting medicinal herb, specially formulated for women. This secret formula of Herbal...
24 Apr 2017 Fresh Protein Shakes and all your favorite Sports Supplements at Umoyo Fitness Bar (East Park Gym). All welcome!
22 Apr 2017 Gabriel at Umoyo Arcades looking forward to serve you. #passionateabouthealth
21 Apr 2017 Nutritious & Delicious! Fresh Green Smoothies delivered daily to all Umoyo's Shops in Lusaka. K20
17 Apr 2017 Ruth having some fun with Nutritech Mass Builder at Umoyo Woodlands!
15 Apr 2017 We look forward to serving you!
14 Apr 2017 Makesa at Umoyo East Park showing you some of the many natural Libido boosters on offer. Find Umoyo Health Shops...
14 Apr 2017 Kennedy at Umoyo Woodlands showing off his strength with Nitritech Mass Builder!
13 Apr 2017 Umoyo Arcades busy ensuring shop is looking good! Hope you come visit us soon!

All that I needed and wanted for a better me and a better future, was found at the Umoyo Health Clinic. I recommend Umoyo to each and everyone. Live life to its fullest and let Umoyo Natural Health guide you to your maximal health and awareness!


Umoyo has been heaven sent. As a lifetime sufferer of allergies, I never expected to find gluten-free products and a bath range free of chemical irritants right around the corner, here in Lusaka. Thank you sincerely for your service.


I did the 7-Day BP Reduce program, which brought my BP down from 132/88 to 116/82. In addition, I am now sleeping better and waking up more energetic in the mornings, and most of my joint pain is gone! Many thanks.


The service rendered to me was absolutely wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the program.


I was stunned to find that my BP reduced from 270/200 to 130/80 during my 7-Day BP Reduce Program at Umoyo. As an added bonus, I also lost 5kgs!


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