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22 Aug 2016 Congratulations to Elizabeth, who has just completed her Pure Detox Programme and lost 4kg! Pure Detox is...
18 Aug 2016 It's #Throwback Thursday! We love health! we love Umoyo ! #passionateabouthealth #umoyo4life #tbt
16 Aug 2016 "Pure Detox Gold is a very helpful programme! I particularly enjoyed the Colon Hydrotherapy, Power Plate and...
16 Aug 2016 "Pure Detox Gold is a very helpful programme! I particularly enjoyed the Colon Hydrotherapy, Power Plate and...
09 Aug 2016 All you need to detox in one box! Pure Detox the Ultimate Home cleanse. #puredetox #passionateabouthealth #umoyo4life
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04 Aug 2016 PURE Detox - The Ultimate Home Cleanse 7- Day intensive cleanse that will cleanse, rejuvenate and energize your...
03 Aug 2016 Welcome to Umoyo Health Shop at Cosmopolitan Mall (Makeni).
03 Aug 2016 Pure Shea Butter. Available at all Umoyo Health Shops- Arcades Shopping Centre, EastPark Mall, Cosmopolitan,...
03 Aug 2016 Welcome to Umoyo Arcades Shop. #passionateabouthealth #umoyo
03 Aug 2016 Limpo showing us the new sign at Woodlands Mall...
29 Jul 2016 DJ Ruben of Joy Fm (106.9fm) got to try our Black lemonade live on air. Have you tried it? #blacklemonade...
27 Jul 2016 These great hair products are now available at Umoyo! Find us at Arcades Shopping Centre, Woodlands Mall,...
27 Jul 2016 Colloidal Silver - have you tried it yet?
26 Jul 2016 We LOVE Colloidal Silver! Do you? Colloidal Silver is potent at destroying pathogens with no side effects. • It...
25 Jul 2016 Are you getting the results you deserve? Give yourself an extra edge with these premium sports supplements....
24 Jul 2016 PURE Baobab Oil available at Umoyo Only K39 Find us at: Woodlands, Arcades, East Park, Cosmopolitan and Umoyo...
22 Jul 2016 Slimmers Shake is on PROMOTION! All Umoyo shops - K 99 A delicious shake to aid your weight loss program. Don't...
22 Jul 2016 PURE Moringa Oil now available at Umoyo! Moringa oil’s benefits include: • Skin rejuvenation • Stronger &...
21 Jul 2016 Aunt Jackies's Hair Products now available at all Umoyo Heal Shops! Find us at Arcades Shopping Centre, EastPark...

All that I needed and wanted for a better me and a better future, was found at the Umoyo Health Clinic. I recommend Umoyo to each and everyone. Live life to its fullest and let Umoyo Natural Health guide you to your maximal health and awareness!


Umoyo has been heaven sent. As a lifetime sufferer of allergies, I never expected to find gluten-free products and a bath range free of chemical irritants right around the corner, here in Lusaka. Thank you sincerely for your service.


I did the 7-Day BP Reduce program, which brought my BP down from 132/88 to 116/82. In addition, I am now sleeping better and waking up more energetic in the mornings, and most of my joint pain is gone! Many thanks.


The service rendered to me was absolutely wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the program.


I was stunned to find that my BP reduced from 270/200 to 130/80 during my 7-Day BP Reduce Program at Umoyo. As an added bonus, I also lost 5kgs!


Our Team Leaders

Kim Otteby

Managing Director Kim founded Umoyo in 2007 and continues to drive the business forward with her absolute passion for natural health. She holds a MA in Economics & Management from Oxford University as well as a BSc in Nutritional Medicine.

Bernhilda Kalinda

Purchasing & Warehouse Manager Having experienced Umoyo as a client, Bernhilda was inspired to join our team. She now helps source the best health products for the Umoyo Shops and Clinic in order to help others.

Patrick Ng'andwe

Patrick is an Ordained Pastor and originally trained as a Medical Missionary. Since 1995, he has worked exclusively with Natural Health, having trained in various disciplines.

Namwila Sikasula

Namwila is the Umoyo Clinic Manager and Head Therapist. She studied Microbiology at University of Zambia, and has since then dedicated her life to Natural Medicine.

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